How to downgrade the version of Internet Explorer in Windows?

When you upgrade the Internet Explorer version to 11, you may encounter the compatibility issue as below.

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If you can’t resolve the issue by following the knowledge, you can try to downgrade the Internet Explorer version.


Note: Since Windows 8/8.1 is bundled with Internet Explorer 11, you can’t downgrade the Internet Explorer version.

          This knowledge is not suitable for Windows 8/8.1.


1. Make sure the Internet Explorer version is 11.


2. Enter «Control Panel» -> Click «Windows Update».


3. Click «View update history».


4. Click «Installed Updates».


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5. Search [Internet Explorer 11] and right click the mouse -> click [Uninstall].


6. Uninstall Internet Explorer 11.


7. Once you restart the system, the Internet Explorer will back to the previous version.