How to downgrade the version of Internet Explorer in Windows?

When you upgrade the Internet Explorer version to 11, you may encounter the compatibility issue as below.

If you can’t resolve the issue by following the knowledge, you can try to downgrade the Internet Explorer version.


Note: Since Windows 8/8.1 is bundled with Internet Explorer 11, you can’t downgrade the Internet Explorer version.

 This knowledge is not suitable for Windows 8/8.1.


1. Make sure the Internet Explorer version is 11.


2. Enter «Control Panel» -> Click «Windows Update».


3. Click «View update history».


4. Click «Installed Updates».


5. Search [Internet Explorer 11] and right click the mouse -> click [Uninstall].


6. Uninstall Internet Explorer 11.


7. Once you restart the system, the Internet Explorer will back to the previous version.