Crear TAREA en Windows Server para hacer BACKUP AUTOMÁTICO


robocopy «C:\L» «G:\Mi unidad\coel\L» . /E /B /Z /NP /eta /copy:DAT /V /R:3 /W:3

/e Copies subdirectories. This option automatically includes empty directories.

/b Copies files in backup mode. Backup mode allows Robocopy to override file and folder permission settings (ACLs). This allows you to copy files you might otherwise not have access to, assuming it’s being run under an account with sufficient privileges.

/z Copies files in restartable mode. In restartable mode, should a file copy be interrupted, Robocopy can pick up where it left off rather than re-copying the entire file.

np Specifies that the progress of the copying operation (the number of files or directories copied so far) will not be displayed.

/eta Shows the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the copied files.

/v Produces verbose output, and shows all skipped files.

/copy: Specifies which file properties to copy. The valid values for this option are:
D – Data
A – Attributes
T – Time stamps
S – NTFS access control list (ACL)
O – Owner information
U – Auditing information
The default value for this option is DAT (data, attributes, and time stamps).

/R:3 Reintentos 3

/W:3 Tiempo entre reintentos, 3 segundos

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